The Sportsman

From an early age I loved Sport, I may not have been the best at many of the Sports I did but I tried them anyway and enjoyed them all the same. My parents emigrated from Manchester, England to Cape Town, South Africa when I was young and grew up in the Southern Part of the Cape Peninsula.

Growing up in the South of Cape Town afforded me the opportunity of being close to both the Ocean and surrounding Nature Reserves. As a young Sea Scout I developed a love and respect for the Outdoors and Nature in general. My education at the local Junior and High Schools of Muizenberg presented me with a new Sport in Surfing. Like many other South African children I played Cricket and Rugby although not very well by my own admission but I loved competing and the camaraderie of Team Sports in general.

I always had a respect for Running and Runners but whilst at school I ran terribly and never pursued it. I took up running in my late twenties to get fit for indoor cricket whilst in London but found running on the road boring and sometimes dangerous. Then upon my return to Cape Town I decided to try running again and started Trail Running which came naturally as i loved exploring the mountains and local Nature Reserves. After tearing my plantar fascia in late 2009 and then suffering a horrific surfing injury in 2010 I was advised to buy a bicycle and take up swimming to help with rehab. I chatted with some friends who suggested I try triathlon. I did my first Sprint Triathlon in late 2010 and haven’t looked back since. Triathlon has given me so much more than justĀ fitness and the opportunity to compete again. Its provided the opportunity to have a shared interest and passion for Swim Bike Run with Bianca my wife, who is a very talented Age Group Triathlete. We have met some amazing people and been able to travel locally and abroad sharing our passion for triathlon with kindered spirits.

Every day is a gift and the gift must be shared through the opportunities that present itself every day

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